About RX-Siu

I’m a just a guy living divided between Hong Kong and Toronto (Canada), currently a 2nd year life-sci student attending Queen’s University in Kingston (also, Canada).

cultural critic

anime enthusiast

gundam geek

urban dancer

technology junkie

aspiring therapist

multimedia artist

philanthropic cynic

jack of all many trades

master of none

Biggest complaint (apart from whiners, that is)? I never seem to have enough time. It’s a personal goal to never complain about boredom; any time I can spend being bored, could be spent better improving myself in any Area-of-Inexpertise. A Rennaissance man is what I aim to be. Someday. Someday, I’ll be worthy of the title polymath.

Word of advice to everyone reading: Always assume the genie is an asshole.

Welcome to my photoblog. It’s 2 parts photography, 1 part gunpla, 1 part musings, every part me.


3 thoughts on “About RX-Siu

    • I’m working with a Nikon D60 and Sigma 17-70mm HSM OS ver. Lens. It was ridiculous the number of highpower cameras @ ACGHK with owners who didn’t know how to use them.

      • LOL.. I know what you mean xD

        Breaks my heart seeing crappy pics taken with D-SLRs.. Seen people upgrade away from point and shoots coz they say its crappy.

        Buys a D-SLR and still the pictures they take are crappy.. xD

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