MG Wing ver. Ka [Operation Pink Meteor]

If cupid replaced his bow with a Gundam… Maybe this is what he’d get.

Those decals were tedious, but well worth the effort. Oh and stupid me, I picked up the new MG Wing waterslide decals instead of the old ver.Ka decals. Well, they’re pretty similar anyways.

The shield probably benefited the most from decalwork.

Being a somewhat older kit… They didn’t design the hand in such a way that it can hold the gun properly haha. So I used a bottle of paint to hold up the gun for this shot.

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3 thoughts on “MG Wing ver. Ka [Operation Pink Meteor]

  1. This is definitely a pink mech cupid will be proud of haha! Very refreshing change from your usual blue, red, yellow and white!

  2. Hey, I’ve been looking at your gunpla stuff and it’s pretty awesome. And then I realized you are also from Toronto. I was wondering where you buy your gunpla. They’re so expensive here!

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