Not-so-recently finished gunpla builds + current WIP

So now that I’m back in Toronto, I’ve been working on gunpla again. But the weather hasn’t been cooperative for the past 3 days and painting on the new 1/144 HG Harute and the slightly refurbished 1/100 MG Wing ver. Ka has been at a halt. You can see the planned colorschemes on my desk.

And below, here are some totally lazy shots of some of the stuff I fixed up before heading to HK last month. Gonna have to do the actual photoshoot set-up for everything at once when the two above are finished.

RG 1/144 RX-78-2. Godamn, those decals took over 9000 hours.

HGUC 1/144 Powered GM. Wasn’t feeling the weapons it came with so I gave it a spare resin 1/144 strike bazooka I had lying around. Still needs topcoat…

1/144 HGUC TR-5 Gaplant Hrairoo. Which dumbass forgot to put on waterslide decals before topcoating? uhhhh wasn’t me. That and I’m way too lazy to strip that flat coat layer to put on decals again. -_- laziness….

Hope the weather get’s better soon. I don’t even hate rain, but that damn humidity is an airbrushing builder’s worst enemy. Wanted to start on the PG Astray or MG Hi-Nu since painting was halted, but there’s NO ROOM in my work area. -_________- ….



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