HG 1/144 Kerberos Bucue [II]

Finally had some time between finishing first year university and flying back to HK to work on gunpla, so I spent some time topcoating some of my older kits (didn’t even have time to take photos of most of the ones I fixed up). In addition to that, this is my mother’s day gift for my mom, which is a parallel to my previous Kerberos Bucue recolour and took after my dog in canada. This one takes after my mom’s dog in HK.

I’d have done more poses in the photoshoot, but I put it together very loosely so I could take it apart and protect it for the plane ride.

This last photo taken from my crappy phone camera. The final setup on my mom’s work table. Sitting + hand pose is win.

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One thought on “HG 1/144 Kerberos Bucue [II]

  1. Ooh a Kerberos Bucue for your mother based on your dog’s colours? That sounds pretty sweet~ The sitting + hand pose at the end makes the Bucue looks rather cute XD

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