MG Gouf Custom [E-Auditore Ver.] Brotherhood Update

So in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (which was amazing btw), Ezio gets a new crossbow, which he straps to his back (pic here). This slight mod was done in September, but I forgot to make a post about it. Now Ezio’s Gouf (previous post here) can mount his gatling shield on his back in a similar fashion! I drilled a hole in the backpack and fit a polycap piece inside to grip the nub on shield, which hangs on his back precariously securely. Makes for better posing, as an Assassin’s Creed Gouf isn’t really an Assassin if it’s not wielding the hidden blades, and the gatling gun is too cool to just put away.

Sidenote: boy does it look painful to do somersault rolls with that thing on his back.

Byebye, RX-79[g]!

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2 thoughts on “MG Gouf Custom [E-Auditore Ver.] Brotherhood Update

  1. If Norris Packard had this version of the Gouf Custom dont think he would’ve lost LOL heck he shouldn’t have lost anyways. but they have to go with Zeon losing for some reason.

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