HGUC Rezel Commander [Stylized Camouflage]

Love this thing to pieces. Not much to say about it, apart from the fact that the time (over the course of 4 days) and effort was well worth it in the end. And I was complaining that I wouldn’t do a full spray job on another 1/144 scale after the Tallgeese III.

Played with frosting the beam saber by running over it with some sandpaper…

This isn’t even half the masking tape I used.

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3 thoughts on “HGUC Rezel Commander [Stylized Camouflage]

  1. Very interesting pattern there! Must have been a pain to do all the maskings here and there.

    IMHO I think the patterns will be even more interesting if the stripes are placed at even more random angles (i.e. diagonally) rather than, say, parallel or perpendicular with something, or in regular array etc. Nevertheless I do commend your effort!

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