Playing With Lightning

There was a thunderstorm last night, so I took the opportunity to mess around with lightning photography and a tripod I picked up last week. Don’t know if this is the right way to do it, but what I did was set the shutter speed between 10-30 seconds and aperture of 16-22 over a course of 50+ shots and hope for the best during each shot. About 10% of the shots had lightning, so I guess that’s a good turnout. This was after work during dinner around 7:30, so I just grabbed my food, sat next to the camera and just clicked the shutter after every shot. Next time I get an opportunity like this (there was next to no rain from my condo balcony), I probably have to work with a larger aperature, as some of the lightning veins are very faint. The first photo you see is the normal, no lightning view of Tsing Ma Bridge at night (daytime viewhere), the rest are the lightning shots I got, with the best for last. Click the photos to see them at a larger, clearer size. They’re posted in order of increasingly visible lightning strikes (this isn’t exactly chronological). Apart from cropping, no photo-manipulation has been done.

Shame that I missed several realllly beautiful lightning flashes. Splendid, nature is, absolutely.

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3 thoughts on “Playing With Lightning

  1. That’s some pretty cool pictures of lightning taken there! I usually only see general flashes with no actual lightning streaks seen. The storms that happened recently did have some though, and good job on taking the pics!

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