ACGHK 2010 [Dengeki King Of Gunpla Entries + Cosplay]

My favourite gunpla submissions among the entries shown at ACGHK 2010. Some of the pics aren’t so good, lots of people and being pushed while photoing >.> The compressed thumbnails here are a bit low quality, do the modelers  justice and click on the pics to see them more clearly.

LOTS of amazing Unicorn Gundam dioramas.

OMG @ the work needed for the AOZ diorama here.


IDK why the dude kitbashed Arios + La Vie En Rose, but it’s pretty cool.


Some sort of Samurai Gundam on a Val-Varo dragon head. Worddd….

This stole the show for me lolol.

Yee yee sniper team!

LOVED this customized Tallgeese III.

Zhuge Liang Hi-Nu in normal scale… Quite cool.

What Haman did to the Qubeley during her teen years?

Looks like a Ganman from Gurren Lagann.

LOTS of Unicorn entries, few were good. This one was cool. I spy Sinanju thruster base. Prepare for epic Unicorn diorama.


There were many mediocre submissions… If I transport any of my better ones to HK next summer, maybe I’ll enter one of them. Maybe. There was very little cosplay this year, for better or worse. Here are a few good ones I spotted.

Sanda Yukimura on the phone.

Date Masamune and Raiden. They seemed to be good friends. Like, IRL. They both entered the cosplay competition, and were IMO, the best of the entries.

Quite a good Black Rock Shooter cosplay. Saw a guy doing the same cosplay within 5 mins after and died a little inside.

And that’s my ACGHK 2010 coverage.

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2 thoughts on “ACGHK 2010 [Dengeki King Of Gunpla Entries + Cosplay]

  1. That first picture must have taken a while to complete ^_^ Glad to find another Toronto Otaku… have you heard of Q, he’s another blogger at and a great friend of mine in HK. There’s also Rin from who also is in HK. Try finding them if you want ^_^ Just letting you know.

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