MG Gouf Custom [E-Auditore Ver.]

It’s done! After 4+ months of progress! Took a ridiculously long amount of time, as winter = no spraying. Oh and I failed at masking the shoulder spikes for spraying, shut up.

This is the Gouf Custom from Mobilt Suit Gundam 08th MS Team, with a colorscheme customized for Ezio Auditore of Assassin’s Creed II. Want to see it without thecustom color? Click here.

Back shot.

Gatling Shield + Sword front and back.

Hand machine gun + Switchblade mod.

Assassin’s Creed inspired blades for both arms.

Ezio’s assassin robe has red on the inside, grey on the outside. Did the same thing with the Gouf’s armor.

Decal on the shield came with the MS Igloo ver. of MG Gouf Custom. I think it fits. Here’s some more pics.

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