MG Unicorn Gundam [Arctic Psycho Frame] [Complete]


IT’S DONE! My summer project is over. MG Unicorn Gundam with arctic green psycho frame with dual bazookas with dual beam gatling guns. Full painting + water decalling. There are some minor faults I found, but since they’re not noticeable, I won’t mention them. See if you can spot them?


Had to improvise with the bazooka decals because the water decal set (which put me on a standstill for a good two weeks because they were nowhere to be found) only came with one set. And I have 2 bazookas. ~_~


I really like those golden cylinders.


Left side. I actually have to give credit to some anonymous member of /m/ for giving me the inspiration on bazooka colouring. This silver/black colourscheme is much cooler than just a uniform grey.


I confess, I used foil stickers for the bazooka scope. But that’s the only thing I used stickers for. Foil eye stickers were green; didn’t like that so I painted the eyes silver.





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2 thoughts on “MG Unicorn Gundam [Arctic Psycho Frame] [Complete]

  1. I wish I knew how to appreciate gundams but it looks just like your other 2000 to me. Haha… I do really like the background though! The black cloth looks shiny and smooth(:

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