HGUC 1/144 GM Striker [Complete]

This was realllly fun to work on. So it means I get to break rules and post multiple pics.


Complete with paint scratch weathering, sand blasting and bullet holes in the shield.



Lookat that shield…


Holy crap a beam scythe!


More weathering details.


On the gun too.

First time playing with weathering effects. Very fun, but may have done a bit too much silver in some areas. Still, I think it’s pretty impressive.

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7 thoughts on “HGUC 1/144 GM Striker [Complete]

  1. very very awesome. the weathering is pretty awesome, although there might’ve been a bit to much on the front of the gun, but it makes sense, seeing as it probably sees the most action/gets the most wear and tear XD. you should try scarring up the gundam next XD battle scars!!

  2. That’s so sick man. The weathering is insane! Good job not-damaging anything when you’re doing it.

    The beam scythe is just sexy as hell ❤

    Trueskies. GODDAMIT.

  3. “Still, I think it’s pretty impressive.”
    You’re pretty impressive. The shield’s not supposed to have bullet holes. Not unless they’re wider or deeper-looking. HGUC 1/144 GM Striker should go kablooey otherwise.

  4. Lmaooooo niceeeeee exactly how much time did you spent on this?
    If your parents saw this I bet they might say “How come I don’t see you working this hard on your homework”

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